Ed Video is excited to announce our recently acquired licenses for Ableton Live Intro, a digital audio and performance software, for all of our member-use laptops and edit suites! This summer, we will be offering a series of in-person workshops instructed by interdisciplinary artist, Stephen Surlin, which will explore the diverse and versatile applications of Ableton Live. These three workshops cater to varying experience levels, and can be taken individually or cumulatively depending on your interests.

The series kicks off with Ableton Live Intro, on Thursday, July 18th from 7 to 9PM. This beginner-friendly workshop will introduce participants to the foundational tools and techniques for using Ableton Live.

In the following week on Thursday, July 25th from 7 to 9PM, will be Sound Design in Ableton Live, an intermediate workshop exploring creative approaches, tools and plug-ins for sound design in Ableton Live.

The series will culminate with Live Performance & Interactivity in Ableton Live, a full day intensive taking place on Saturday, August 3rd from 10AM to 6PM. This intermediate to advanced workshop will explore Ableton Live’s performance tools, and its capability in creating reactive or interactive music, art installations and more. This workshop will also demonstrate Ableton’s integration with programs like Pure Data or technologies like DMX for lighting purposes. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a performance or interactive piece by the end the intensive, whether it is the beginning of an artwork or a self-contained experiment.

Whether you’re an emerging media artist, a seasoned professional or simply curious about Ableton Live, these workshops will enhance your skills and expand your creative horizons. Don’t miss out! Register now while spots are still available.

**Ed Video is committed to making our services accessible to all, including those facing financial barriers. If you have any questions or concerns regarding accessibility, please feel free to contact workshops@edvideo.org.