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Since our founding in 1976, we have helped our community create technology-based art projects that represent the diversity, spirit, and viewpoints of the people in our region. We achieve this by offering skill-enriching workshops at a variety of experience levels, curating exhibitions both on and off site, and renting out production equipment at affordable rates for users at all levels.


Ed Video serves as a vital cultural center, fostering lasting connections between artists, audiences, and organizations. We embrace our role as an established institution in a city known for its vibrant creativity. Above all, we are committed to harnessing the educational potential of media arts for creators and viewers of all ages, while promoting understanding and engagement with contemporary technology-based art.


As a charitable artist-run centre, our mission is to foster the creation, exhibition, and appreciation of media arts.


To be a leading hub for independent media art in Canada, fostering creativity, innovation, and appreciation of diverse artistic expressions.

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There has never been a better time to engage with Ed Video. Whether you’re an artist seeking support, a community member interested in workshops and events, or someone looking to experience and appreciate independent media arts, we welcome you to join our vibrant community.


Together, we can foster a thriving media arts community that continues to push the boundaries of creative expression.

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Ensuring Ed Video's Growth and Development

Committee Structure

Ed Video, a non-profit charitable organization, utilizes a committee structure that ensures the growth, development, and future of the center.


There are five permanent member-based committees in place right now, each of which maintains an areas of expertise. As the needs change, new specialized committees will be formed to fill important roles. To deal with certain concerns, ad hoc committees may also be created.


Permanent Member-based committees


As the name suggests, this committee is responsible for fundraising initiatives, setting yearly fundraising goals, soliciting corporate and foundation sponsorships, and launching fundraisers for acquisitions such as new equipment or facility upgrades.

Cultural Outreach Advisory

This committee provides guidance and feedback helping Ed Video maintain and uphold an inclusive media arts production, education, and presentation environment, creating centre free of discrimination, and supporting artists in building self-determined cultural contexts for media arts production, development, and artistic expression.


This committee is responsible for assembling applications for board membership, distributing nominee information prior to and at the AGM, and facilitating the election process.

Board of directors

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