Programming at ed video


Ed Video is a membership-based production facility that offers a platform for artists to produce a variety of works, including audio art, podcasts, music videos, YouTube videos, short and feature-length films, video art, documentaries, and much more.

By providing access to a range of exhibitions, workshops, networking opportunities, and guidance, we are committed to fostering the artistic growth of our members.


At Ed Video, we host a range of programs and events that promote professional relationships, skill advancement, and the discovery of novel approaches. These initiatives, which are available to all of our members with sporadic opportunities for the general public to join, place a strong emphasis on the creative process as well as the end product.

Facilitating the presentation of media arts


Ed Video’s gallery space exists to exhibit innovative, contemporary media art created by local, regional, and national artists. The space serves as a meeting place for the exchange of ideas and critical dialogue around the intersections of art and technology.

Check out the exhibitions page to see what is being held at our gallery.


We recognize the value of developing talent

Workshops & training

To meet the needs of both beginning and seasoned artists, we provide a variety of workshops and training opportunities. Most workshops will be available on-demand as of January 1st, 2023. Visit our “workshop” page to see what is being offered over the next few months.

We recognize the value of developing and honing specialized talents for artists at all levels.


we support your artistic journey

production grants

We are dedicated to assisting our members in realizing their artistic ambitions, so we provide numerous chances for artists to acquire the required tools through our Production Grant program.

Writing a grant application-style application is similar to the simple application process. Join Ed Video as a member and unlock a world of possibilities for your creative projects. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced media artist, we are here to support your artistic journey.