Our first winner Dino Scrememti, (Ticket # D-2029) won $462.50 on February 29th!
Our second winner Dino Scrememti (Ticket # D-1240), won $187.50 on March 15th!
Our third winner Teresa Jackson (Ticket # C-1008) won $142.50 on March 29th

In our latest fundraising effort, Ed Video Media Arts Centre is excited to announce our bi-weekly online 50/50 fundraiser!

We will be doing from THREE raffles from now until the end of March 2024. Our hope is to raise around 2K-3K per 50/50 Raffle. ONE WINNER will receive 50% of the Grand Prize Jackpot every two weeks. 

Raffle Closing Dates are February 29th, March 15th and March 29th at 12:30PM.

Funds raised through Rafflebox will go towards things like:

  • New Workshops
  • Educational Programs
  • ASL Interpreters
  • Artist Fees

The draw will be done at 404 York Road, Guelph ON and the winning number will be updated in real time on the lottery landing page and on the Ed Video website

Thank you for your support!