Ed Video Needs Your Help!

In response to dwindling government funding opportunities and

fall-out from the COVID-19 pandemic, Ed Video is

launching a GoFundMe campaign. Learn more below.

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Ed Video needs your help! Our goal is to raise 20K to continue to build capacity for the organization. This would ease the pressure on Ed Video enough for us to be able to focus on the long term evolution of the organization.

The combination of COVID-19 fall-out and arts funding declining has created a situation where we won’t be able to keep providing the services we offer to the community, to artists and to Canadian culture, without some significant help. No donation is too small and any support is appreciated. If you are unable to donate, we would so appreciate you sharing our Go Fund Me across your platforms.

About Ed Video

Since 1976, Ed Video has helped develop over 8,700 independent productions; produced over 3,000 exhibitions; provided over 60,000 hours of hand-on instruction. Our membership supports community endeavours through art projects and documentary films. We partner and host dozens of exhibitions, screenings, and cultural events each year, offering about 120 learning activities annually, helping artists and entrepreneurs develop both production and business skills. Through outreach programs we support diverse story-telling on an individual level, and provide public platforms for sharing. We promote the use of advanced technologies, encourage artists toward new mediums and to broaden their knowledge base. We actively commission media art.

Our audiences come from the surrounding region for exhibitions, events and for experiential learning. In addition, we have many members who have chosen to live in Guelph because Ed Video is here. As artists and entrepreneurs, our accessible and affordable equipment and workshops are integral to their work.

Your donation now will make a difference, helping Ed Video to sustain our programs and recover from the pandemic.

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise 20K to build capacity for Ed Video. Our intention is to shift the organization to stability in the post-pandemic reality. We aim to continue cultivating artists and creating community through workshops, mentorship programs, exhibitions and skill building services and technologies. Keeping equipment available to artists is a core part of being a production centre and we need support as we develop equipment plans without long term committed funding.

Raising $20K will go towards with the following:

Programming and equipment – 50%
Operations – 46.5%
Fundraising costs – 3.5%

Thank you for

making our mission possible!