May 25th – June 22nd, 2024  

Join us for the opening of the next exhibition on May 25th, Saturday, May 25th, 2024, from 2 pm – 4 pm

I̶ O̶W̶N̶E̶D̶, A̶ T̶O̶N̶G̶U̶E̶  is about hacking the alphabetic writing apparatus as a technology in an algorithmic narration of cybernetic feedback and data economies. In the exhibition, the software writes on its own, interfaces invite you to decipher and gesture, neon signs emit ringing sounds while scrolling antonym pairs, and speech voices are indigestible data that insist on unlearning. Six works of digital poetry, that are six modes of perceptual rerouting, synthesize unstable and untranslatable signifiers that confuse yet connect us. Meanings dangle in the collective dreams we are all in, where networked machines relay signals from the other side of reality. Lost tongues are found anew as contexts are displaced, detached, and divinated from their normalized mundane.

About the Artist

Xuan Ye 叶轩 (@apureapparatus) works across art, music and technology. X is interested in making noise as a generative space to evoke the dissonant, untranslatable and illegible within more-than-human entanglements. They often involve improvisation, computation and fiction to compose software, images, installations, performances and editions. Their work has appeared at the MOCA Toronto, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art (Shanghai), Venice Architecture Biennale, Peer to Space (Berlin), MUTEK Montreal, Art Gallery of Ontario, and Goethe-Institut (Beijing), among others. Their multifaceted practice has been featured and reviewed in Canadian Art (Winter 2020), ArtAsiaPacific(Issue. 111), KUNSTFORUM (Bd. 257), Musicworks (Issue. 136), and Bandcamp Daily (Best Experimental Albums).