Facilitated by Christina Cameletti & Ruby Langdon

Thursday, February 2nd | 7-8PM


Creating art full-time can be a struggle, but it can be done with the right tools and a good business mindset. This one hour workshop is designed to provide artists with foundational building blocks to start and/or grow their own business. Barrister and solicitor, Christina Cameletti is joined by bookkeeper, Ruby Landgon to deliver an introduction to key business concepts that are useful for artists looking to turn their passion into a successful enterprise.

Topics include:
Intro to Incorporations – When and if you should incorporate your business
Intro to Partnerships – When and why you should write a partnership agreement
Contract Basics – What’s involved, what to watch for and when to contact a lawyer

Please email workshops@edvideo.org with any questions, accessibility needs and to register.