Facilitated by José Garcia

Saturday, June 17th 10AM-5PM

Members: $100 | Non-members: $125

This full day intensive workshop is a deep exploration of the artistic and practical expression of lighting. It will cover standard industry lighting practices and will delve into how one can achieve the same quality without the same resources. Participants will learn different approaches to dramatic lighting in both interior and exterior scenarios and will have the opportunity to create multiple lighting set-ups and experiment with common lighting and grip tools. Participants will learn to analyse scenes and stills to break down the creative lighting choices made to create them: Where are the lights in this scene? What kind of tools were used?  How does the lighting change as the camera goes from the wide shot to the close-up? 

Topics include:

  • Upstage lighting
  • Bouncing light
  • Negative fill
  • Industry practices for exterior lighting
  • Industry practice for interior lighting
  • When and when not to use artificial lighting
  • Artistic paths

**The Lighting & Grip Fundamentals workshop is recommended as a prerequisite to this intensive.

Please email workshops@edvideo.org with any questions, accessibility needs and to register.