Facilitated by Karim Mosna

Tuesday, October 10th 6:30-9PM

Members: $25 | Non-members: $50

The most powerful form of communication is storytelling; we as human beings connect through and are moved by each other’s stories. We all crave connection with each other and to be heard. This is a workshop designed to share stories and perspectives through a podcast or interview-style radio program, and in turn feel a sense of acceptance and community.

This introductory workshop will introduce participants to the various possibilities of podcast formats including: conversational/interview, narrative, documentary/investigative and theatrical/audio drama. Additionally as a group we will dissect the art of conversation and storytelling by listening to, analysing and discussing examples of great podcasts. There will be fun exercises to build more comfort with speaking and diction, preparing for and conducting an interview, storytelling, writing, active listening and more.

Participants will need access to a laptop with Adobe Audition installed, as well as a microphone. Ed Video has a limited amount of laptops available for members to use during the workshop. Please email workshops@edvideo.org if you wish to use one.

**This course is recommended as a prerequisite for the Creative Podcasting & Community Storytelling Intensive


Please email workshops@edvideo.org with any questions, accessibility needs and to register.