Ed Video provides access to equipment and other resources at subsidised rates, and considers this a form of production assistance. Members using these resources must properly credit Ed Video in the resulting work/event that is produced or presented.

How to credit:

For members receiving funding, production grants/assistance, or in-kind resources, include the Ed Video logo in the title and/or credit sequence of any resulting film, video, or new media production and a written acknowledgment in any formal texts ie. exhibition/screening programs.

For members renting equipment or using other Ed Video resources use of the logo is not required, but acknowledgement of Ed Video should be included in credit sequences, descriptive texts, or other formats as appropriate.

Examples of acknowledgment, please use our full name Ed Video Media Arts Centre and include our logo:

-Produced with the assistance of Ed Video Media Arts Centre

-Equipment provided by Ed Video Media Arts Centre

Members are invited to share their projects with Ed Video so we are able to track what is being made through the centre and help promote the work of our members.

Any questions may be directed to staff.