Facilitated by Ed Video’s Technical Director, Elia Morrison, interdisciplinary artist, Dawn Matheson and Anishinaabe Truth Speaker and activist, Mary Joanne Schuller

Thursday, February 23rd – 7-9PM
Thursday, March 2nd – 7-9PM
Thursday, March 9th – 7-9PM
Thursday, March 23rd – 7-9PM


Indigenous storytelling is characteristically self-reflective and shares history with next generations. It is believed that when we share a story and something resonates with another person, their spirit is connected to that story. They are able to relate directly to the story without having witnessed the events via DNA, and they know it to be true.

In today’s world one can effectively share their story through a podcast. This four-part workshop series breaks down the basics of creating a podcast and using it to tell your own story. This series consists of both instruction and discussion. It will explore the conceptual aspects of idea formulation; digging deep for a story and telling it to resonate and connect with someone else. It will also cover the technical aspect of podcasting. Participants will learn about recording a podcast with devices as simple as using a mobile phone as well as using more advanced recording equipment. Participants will also learn about the ways one can edit a podcast and finally how to upload your own podcast for a listening audience.

Please email workshops@edvideo.org with any questions, accessibility needs and to register.